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#728 #728 - Lavender Lace Lavender Sachets

50 wedding favors sachets loaded with lavender.  Romantic and elegant. For a wedding favor, bridal shower,  or birthday memoir

What is this product different from other sachets? Each sachet has:
1- A sheer small bag wrapped in lavender lace
2-Embellished with a small flower*** flower design will vary depending on availability.***
3- A personalized small tag with the Bride's name and shower date, or the bride and groom' s name with the wedding date.
4-Prepared individually with fresh Lavender.

Please allow 2-3 week for preparation.

Each little pouch weight approx .3 - .4 oz
finished product measures- approx 4" wide x 4 1/2" long.

I ship worldwide, please send me your address or country information and I'll give you a quote.

I CAN DO 25, 50, 75, 100, OR MORE SACHETS, please send me a message and I'll gladly give you a quote, 

20 in stock
Price: $95.00

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